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Caring for Your Contacts

New contact lens users may find the multitude of products and steps required for proper care overwhelming. Even seasoned wearers can inadvertently overlook crucial steps in their routine due to habit. Consistently cleaning and caring for your contacts without skipping any steps is essential for maintaining your eye health.

Caring for Contacts

Soft Contact Lens Care Tips

Wash Your Hands
Prior to touching your contact lenses or any associated accessories, ensure to wash your hands meticulously with soap and water.
Don't Use Water
Avoid rinsing your contacts with water, as it harbors numerous microorganisms and does not effectively disinfect your lenses.
Clean Accessories
Use contact lens solution (instead of water) to regularly rinse your contact lens case. Afterwards, dry it with a clean tissue and allow it to air dry upside down with the lid removed.
Replace Contact Lens Case
Replace your contact lens case every three months at minimum.
Remove Lenses Overnight
Avoid sleeping in your contacts unless directed otherwise by your doctor. Overnight wear can restrict oxygen flow to your cornea, increasing the risk of infection.

How to Clean Your Contacts

  1. Clean each contact lens individually.
  2. Place the contact lens in your palm, add a few drops of solution, and gently rub them clean for approximately 20 seconds.
  3. Next, place the contact lens in your clean case filled with fresh solution.
  4. Ensure you replace the solution in your case daily.

Common Types of Solutions and Cleaners

A diverse range of contact lens solutions and cleaners are available, each serving specific purposes. It's important to use them as instructed; for instance, multipurpose or saline solutions should not be used for purposes other than what is specified. Explore our guide on types of contact lens solutions to gain further insights.

Give Your Eyes a Break

After extended periods of wearing contact lenses, whether for days, weeks, or even a month continuously, it's crucial to allow your eyes to breathe. Aim to give them a break from contact lenses at least once a week. Ensure you have a pair of eyeglasses available to switch to during these breaks.