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Blue Light Blocking Contact Lenses

Using digital devices is a part of life for most of us, but it can harm your eyes. Blue light blocking contact lenses help with the eye strain and dryness that's associated with our digital lifestyles.

Blue Light Blocking Contacts

What is Blue Light?

Blue light is a short wavelength in the visible light spectrum that produces high amounts of energy. Computers, televisions, smartphones, fluorescent lights, and the sun all give off blue light. The outdoors is often where we get exposed the most to blue light.

Benefits of Blue Light Blocking Contacts

While blue light is necessary to boost alertness and elevate mood, too much of it can suppress melatonin production and negatively affect sleep. Too much blue light can cause eye strain, headaches, and damages to retinal cells. Blue light blocking contacts will keep your eyes from taking in excessive blue light. You will get all the benefits of blue light without the negative side effects. Below are some of the blue light blocking contacts options.

Biofinity Energys™

Biofinity Energys Contacts

Biofinity Energys™ contact lenses are the only contacts with a Digital Zone Optics™ lens design. Thanks to their patented Aquaform® Technology, these contacts lock in moisture by creating natural wettability. Since looking at digital screens can lead to reduced blinking, this technology helps your eyes feel less dry. Biofinity Energys are available for current Biofinity users. It’s clear that blue light is everywhere. Start protecting your eyes with blue light filtering lenses now!